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Rules & Regulations

Esplanade Golf and Country Club
Food and Beverage
Rules and Regulations

Table of Contents

  • Hours and Days of Operation
  • Reservations
  • Food Minimum
  • Member Charge Privileges
  • Service Charges and Tipping
  • Conduct
  • Policy Adoption
  • Dress Code
  • Wine Program and Wine Lockers
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
  • Parties, Special Functions, and Signature Events
  • Reporting Injuries and Property Damage
  • Food and Beverage Employees
  • Complaints and Grievances
  • Pets
  • Smoking


Rules and Regulations

Hours and Days of Operation

The hours and days of operation of Food and Beverage (F&B) amenities will be established and published by the HOA. The HOA reserves the right to modify the hours and days of operation as the Board of Directors (BOD) deems necessary. Residents will receive timely communications regarding all changes.


To adequately manage the Culinary Center F&B operations and minimize resident wait times, reservations are recommended. Certain conditions will require reservations in any F&B amenity to appropriately manage staff and kitchen operations.

Food Minimum

The food minimum is for food charges only and does not include alcoholic beverages, nor does it include merchandise purchased at the Café & Market. Qualifying food purchases include food, soft drinks, coffee and tea consumed while dining on site or by utilizing carry out services. The food minimum is approved by the Board of Directors each year, is required to be paid by all residents, and will not be waived for any reason. Member accounts will be charged for any unused portion of the food minimum on or about December 31 of each year.

Member Charge Privileges

Presentation of a membership card may be required for all purchases and activities and verification of identity will be requested for charges to the resident’s billing account.

Service Charges and Tipping

For the convenience of residents, service charges, as determined appropriate and approved by the BOD each year, will be added to all food and beverage sales. Additional tipping is at the sole discretion of the resident.


Residents are to conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with the enjoyment of the amenities by other residents or guests. Anyone on premise acting in a disorderly, disruptive, or offensive manner will be asked to leave. As a result of this type of behavior, club privileges may be revoked for a period of time as determined by the BOD. Residents are responsible for the conduct and dress of their family members and guests and will be held accountable for their actions. Club management will take appropriate action for unbecoming behavior along with behavior which has or may result in the disturbance of or damage to association property.

Policy Adoption

The BOD adopts and publishes amenity policies relating to various Association matters. Some policies are incorporated into these rules, others will be outlined in the Association’s governing documents. Each resident has a duty to keep informed of and abide by these policies as published. Please refer to the website for updated Club Rules and Regulations.

Dress Code

It is expected that residents will choose to dress in a manner befitting the surroundings and atmosphere and advise their guests accordingly. The BOD reserves the right to make changes to the Dress Code. Exceptions may also be made for certain health conditions or special events.

  • Bahama Bar – casual, poolside dining – pool attire with a shirt or other cover up and shoes are required. Exercise wear, sportswear (e.g., golf, tennis, pickleball), men’s and women’s hats, and soft spikes* are also permitted.
  • Café and Market - pool attire with a shirt or other cover up and shoes are required. Exercise wear, sportswear (e.g., golf, tennis, pickleball), men’s and women’s hats, and soft spikes* are also permitted.
  • Culinary Center Outside Dining – casual dining experience – casual wear, exercise wear, sportswear (e.g., golf, tennis, pickleball), men’s and women’s hats, and soft spikes* are permitted. No pool attire is permitted.
  • Culinary Center Inside Dining – upscale dining experience – appropriate shirts, shorts/pants, skirts/dresses and shoes are required. Women are permitted to wear hats. Soft spikes* are permitted. Pool attire and exercise wear are not permitted.

    *Soft spikes and sports shoes should be cleaned after playing and free of sand, grass, and hardtru
Wine Program and Wine Lockers

There will be 140 wine lockers available for Annual rental. Lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis or by other lottery system if demand dictates. Lockers are not temperature controlled and racking units for the lockers will be available for purchase only through the Association. Staff will facilitate the distribution of wine in to and out from the locker, upon request of the member. To support the Wine Locker program(s), there will be additional member benefits such as reduced corkage fees, discounts on wine purchases and early enrollment in wine function events. Fees charged and services rendered for the rental of wine lockers will be approved by the BOD.

Alcoholic Beverages

The food and beverage amenities will comply with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Violations may result in the loss of the liquor license. No alcoholic beverages should be brought onto or removed from amenity premises without approval of Club Management. Instances of intoxication on amenity property will be forwarded to Club Management for disciplinary action. F&B employees can refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any individual they feel is intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated. Residents should not attempt to leave the amenity and operate a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

The use of cellular and other electronic devices for texting is permitted. Laptop computers and small tablets are not permitted while seated at the bar. Residents and guests, as a courtesy to others, are requested to take phone calls away from all dining and bar areas.

Parties, Special Functions, and Signature Events

Certain facilities of the food and beverage amenities may be available for private parties or special functions. Periodically, the community may host exclusive events and special social functions. Community sponsored events and special functions are permitted at the discretion of the BOD and may cause use of the community’s facilities to be restricted.

Reporting Injuries and Property Damage

Any injury to persons or damage to property should be reported immediately to Club Management or another staff member.

Food & Beverage Employees

Employees of the food and beverage amenities are to be treated in a courteous and considerate manner. No employee will be reprimanded in any way by a resident or guest. Any complaints regarding service, behavior or inattention to duty by employees should be immediately brought to the attention of Club Management. Residents may be requested to state the complaint in writing.

Complaints and Grievances

Resident complaints/grievances concerning other residents or the community or its facilities will be held in strict confidence, made in writing, and submitted to Club Management.


No dogs or other pets, except for seeing-eye dogs and other qualified service dogs, are permitted on any F&B property at any time, unless special policies or certain exceptions are adopted by the HOA. Residents are responsible for any damage caused by their pets or any pet under their control.


Smoking is not permitted in the Culinary Center or the Bahama Bar dining or seating areas. This policy may be temporarily lifted in non-dining outdoor areas in the case of a community or F&B special event.