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Fitness Manager

Ciera KellyCiera Kelly
Fitness Manager

Ciera grew up in Biddeford, Maine where her love for fitness began. She has been involved in sports her whole life, focusing on soccer, basketball, and tennis earning many athletic and sportsmanship awards. Ciera went on to graduate from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. She had the opportunity to conduct metabolic research on tabata training, energy output, and recovery or EPOC. This drove her passion for helping others become more educated in health and fitness. Ciera has worked with collegiate and high school athletes, as well as Olympians to reach their potential performance in strength and conditioning.

For seven years Ciera was an assistant tennis professional and owned her own racquet stringing business. After numerous internships and recovering from a longstanding back injury she made the decision to move to Florida to continue the year round active lifestyle that she is so passionate about. In her free time she surfs, plays recreational sports, and enjoys traveling.
Ciera is excited to provide excellent communication with residents of Esplanade to help them get the most out of their wellness experience